Question by : What week do locals camp on the beach in Aruba? The week before or after Easter Sunday?
We are going to Aruba April 16-23rd and just found out that the locals camp at the beaches Easter week. Is that when we are there or the week after Easter? If it is when we are there is it every beach??

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Answer by Amber Naomi
People usually start camping around the 21st or the 22nd. A lot of people go as soon as schools close, which is usually the Friday or Thursday before Easter weekend.
This year, the last schoolday is Wednesday, and school starts back the 3rd of May, so people usually camp within those days, but usually they camp the week after Easter.
People are allowed to camp on all public beaches (so all the beaches on Aruba), but with consideration for the hotels, they don’t camp on beaches where there are hotels. Just open beaches.
So if you were worried about not having beach space I don’t think you’ll have a problem.
I hope that helps!

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