A look at the mobile phone market and you will realize there are more options than you can ever imagine. But not each of these options will fit into your budget. If you have a limited budget, then some of the high end cell phones may not be thing for you. However, there’s not any need for you to be disgruntled. There are several mobile phones that can fit your budget easily. Here are some of them.

The Moto W233 Renew green phone is one such pocket friendly mobile phone. What’s more, it’s also eco friendly as suggested by its name. It does not emit any damaging radiations as other mobiles are known to do and is also the 1st ever carbon neutral phone. This model also has Micro SD memory which permits you more info storage space and has all default mobile features along with a great music player.

The LGCU720shine is another great mobile that may be acquired on a budget. This phone is an improved version of its Asian and European counterpart- the LG KE970. True to its name, the phone actually does shine and it may also double as a handy compact mirror on standby mode. This multimedia mobile offers you some of the finest features including high speed data transfer and is well worth the cash you invest in it.

The next in line cost effective cell telephone for you is Sony Ericsson W350. This phone is widely known for its slim looks. It is basically the slimmest phone as available in the market. In addition it also has got the flip feature which many people crave for. In case you are a music lover, you can go in for this phone without any 2nd thought. This mobile phone too comes fully loaded with all the features of a music phone. Similarly this phone contains a handset too.

Another great music phone on a budget is the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic. Its features match those of the higher end music phone models; but are available at half the cost. This light-weight telephone can be carried anywhere easily and comes in many color options. The one disadvantage to this model, is the lack of storage.

All the mobile telephones as given here are very pocket friendly. This is because they have a cost range which doesn’t surpass beyond $40-$50 or so. Additionally you can easily buy these cell phones with a carrier of your preference. Some good options of carriers are T Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and lots more. In this manner, you could be relieved of the tension and problem that might explode in purchasing the cell phone of your choice. So, wait no more. Choose your pick and you are all set to flaunt you new mobile set all the while keeping your pocket happy.

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