Hey i have made a tut on how to do the easter egg i will bring parts out ever day as i have made the whole things thanks guys for subbing and liking all vid! vanquishcity! Black Ops ‘Shangri La’ Glitches – On Top Of Pack-A-Punch Barrier www.youtube.com Shangri La – Pack a punch Glitch Proof Of Still Working Aafter patch! www.youtube.com

PLEASE PLEASE give this a Thumbs up/ Like because we worked SO hard to do all this! Thanks HOW TO GET FAR IN SHANGRI-LA www.youtube.com Power Turn On www.youtube.com Perk Locations www.youtube.com New Weapon! SpikeMores! www.youtube.com Juggernog/Speed Cola Locations www.youtube.com BABY MAKER! www.youtube.com FIRE Zombie! www.youtube.com Shangri La- Tips, Tricks, Strategies www.youtube.com How to PACK-A-PUNCH any weapon! www.youtube.com Survival Techniques www.youtube.com Easter Eggs- Radio #1 www.youtube.com Bowie Knife and Semtex Locations www.youtube.com Night Time Easter Egg! www.youtube.com Reservoir Waterfall Trap www.youtube.com FIRST SOLO ATTEMPT on Shangri La (mcsportzhawk) www.youtube.com How to kill the NEPALM/FIRE Zombie www.youtube.com Shangri-La: Easter Egg FULL TUTORIAL |Time Travel Will Tell Shangri-La: Easter Egg FULL TUTORIAL |Time Travel Will Tell Shangri-La: Easter Egg FULL TUTORIAL |Time Travel Will Tell shangri la easter egg full tutorial, how to do easter egg in shangri la, easter egg shangri la, main easter egg complete, step by step easter egg shangri-la, shangri-la easter egg tutorial, how to easter egg, easter egg easy steps, all radios, how to get 7 perks, how to free characters shangri la, how to complete easter egg, full tutorial, instructions on how to do easter egg shangri la, mcsportzhawk easter egg tutorial

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