By: Dianne Bryan

Real Estate Insurance is the same type of insurance reportage as homeowners insurance. The only difference is the name it is called. Do not let insurance agentive roles confuse you with the different names for the same insurance policy . Real estate insurance is needed on any type  of home or dwelling you may own. Real estate insurance is coverage for the replacement cost of your home and personal property inside the home if it is all lost or destroyed.recollect some items will increase in value and some will diminish. Replacement cost is the better choice. Although homes are losing value, the cost to rebuild your home and replace your personal property has gone up quite a great deal.

Insurance agents are the best to contact to determine just what type of insurance you will need and to make sure you have passable coverage for any disaster.real estate insurance does not include your property lot. But most insurance agents will tell you to have liability insurance in case of an accident on your property.If somebody falls and gets hurt on your property they will try to sue you for the medical costs and wounded. This is where an extra liability insurance coverage is needed. Other areas to make sure you are covered are in case of theft, vadelism , fire and flood coverages. These usually are not included in a regular policy and will have to be added. Some states have zone requirements as well. Consulting with a Real estate Insurance Agent is always advised.

Real estate Insurance is also called equity insurance. Same type of insurance.  The only shelter on saving your equity in a falling market is an Equity Guard Contract, which can be entered into the same time as when you pose your real estate insurance. Ask your insurance agent if they offer this contract, and if they don’t , who you can contact to get one. This is a great offer to protect your equity in this uncertain real estate market, and it will be well worth the money if our economy does not swing back around in our favor soon. Do not end up insurance poor, but try to get all the coverages from your real estate insurance and mayhap Equity Guard contract that you can comfortably afford.

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