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With Easter Sunday less than four weeks away, MustHaveMenus announced that their 2009 Easter Menu collection has been rolled out online at The Easter Menu collection includes brunch and children’s menus, designed to help restaurants make the most out of Easter Sunday, which falls this year on April 12.

“Easter brunch is a large draw at many restaurants,” said Jim Williams, president of MustHaveMenus, provider of flexible, customizable menus for small restaurants and caterers. “Not since the Christmas holidays has there been a better opportunity for families to gather.”

Easter brunch runs the gamut from casual affairs featuring eggs Benedict, pancakes and waffles to fine dining events serving up snow crab and wild mushroom ravioli. Usually on the menu is a specialty meat, like lamb or ham, and desserts featuring the bright flavors of spring–like vanilla, strawberries and lemon. Many restaurants are also adding events for children, including Easter egg hunts or visits with the Easter Bunny.

MustHaveMenus’ Easter Menu collection corresponds with these events. Many of the menus in this collection feature pastels, blooms and the new growth symbolizing the start of the spring season.

New menu designs like the Easter Sunday Brunch Menu Long demonstrates modern elegance while the Pastel Easter Brunch Menu shows off Easter’s playful side, with tiny bird and fruit illustrations. The Easter Lily Brunch Menu Long features a traditional, formal look while spring is in the air in the Easter Brunch Menu Long, which has sweet pastel colors and a fresh grass illustration.

Also available are Easter kids’ menus, with pictures of Easter eggs, Easter baskets and the Easter Bunny for the little ones to color.

Offerings from the Easter Brunch menu collection are easily downloaded from MustHaveMenus’ web site, and feature sample menu items which customers can use to inspire their own creations, or they can be completely replaced for the house specialties. All of MustHaveMenus’ templates can be customized using popular desktop software.

In addition to Easter menus, MustHaveMenus provides a wide range of Easter-themed graphics, images and backgrounds. More menu options, from casual caf

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