Question by Blue Dream Girl: How does the Orthodox church celebrate Easter week?
How does the Orthodox church celebrate the Easter week?

Can you please include the different days e.g Maundy Thursday

Little language please!

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Answer by Veritas
They celebrate Holy Week in a very similar manner to Catholics. There are special liturgies and services throughout the week, with a big focus on Holy Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday (or Pascha as Orthodox call it).

Pascha is one of the most beautiful feasts of the year, being a nighttime/early morning service (similar to the Catholic Easter Vigil) with candles and processions and joyful hymns of the Ressurection.

After the Ressurection you will hear Orthodox Christians and Eastern Rite Catholics greeting each other in this manner:

Christ is Risen!
Response: Indeed He is Risen!

Peace be to you all+

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