Home accidents involving aged people usually happen on the stairs the largest proportions of accidents are falls from stairs or steps with over 60% of deaths resulting from accidents on stairs.

If you’re at the stage of life where mounting the stairs is a never ending journey and equilibrium disorders make you unstable on your feet? Now might be a good time to consider purchasing a stairlift.

If trying to descend the stairs feels like striking the Ski Slopes “piste” in your slippery slippers and you’re about as active agile as Eddie the Eagle sooner or later on you’re not going to make it safely to the bottom without serious injury.

Stairlifts not only make getting up and down stairs easier and faster but they also act as a personal safety barrier! When the stairlift is at the top of the stairs the seat can be swivelled to allow a safe dismount position.

By just swivelling the stairlift seat this accomplish? forms a barrier guard blocking the normally large void that can be a potential hazard for people with balance disorders who could fall backwards and tumble down the stairs.

Stairlifts and wheelchair lifts are the ideal solution to accessing your staircase and bring back your independence and freedom of your home. The choice is huge! Stairlifts are available to suit all types of staircases and budgets.

If the purchase price of a new stairlift is beyond your financial budget why not consider buying a serviced stairlift at a fraction of the costs of buying a new product. All stairlift suppliers offer reconditioned stairlifts for sale etc.

With a little online research there are bargains to be found! Top brand named stairlifts less than 3 months old merchandising well under their true market value.

Another good option could be to rent hire a stairlift. This reduces the start up costs and there are no service maintenance fees as this would be covered in the lease package. The other great advantage of renting a stairlift! When no longer required you ask the company to remove it.

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