Hey, lets face it. All of us Adults and kids look forward to Easter to eat that yummy chocolate…

Directed to everyone from kids to adults…

Easter Chocolate Gift Basket

Hurray!!, It’s finally spring north of the Equator.  Just underneath a blanket of snow, new life is peeking through. And yes, Easter holiday is on it’s way!

Choclate Easter bunny rabbits, candy and colorful Easter bunny eggs are a great part of this special occassion which fill little children’s Easter baskets with little yello chick peeps and bunches of love.

So the question is how would you like your celebration of this special spring to arrive?

Hard boiled, over easy or sunny side up?

Easter Chocolate

Easter Chocolate

I think I will go with sunny side up.  If it’s brighter, it’s much better for me.  Just by knowing that new life exists, it keeps me postive to celebrate good times and moving forward

There’s nothing better than an Easter holiday filled up with bright colors, bunnies, Easter egg hunts and suits for those handsome young lads and gorgeous frilly dresses for the little darlings.

Celebrating passover amongst Christians on Good Friday, church doors open, spreading Easter love to everyone passing by.

I can’t even imagine an Easter basket without those chocolate Easter bunny rabbits and candies.  Kid’s imaginations fly high with amazing fun while the Easter bunny rabbit comes along.

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Starting from a child’s first Easter, through adulthood, chocolate Easter baskets always  play an important roll in this wonderful celebration of resurrection of life. Green grass is starting to peek through, sun is warming up those cold winter nights, melting them away into springtime.

It is definitely a springtime event surrounded by chocolate Easter rabbits, sunshine, children’s Easter baskets, sweets and more. Millions of people celebrate once a year the resurrection of Christ, spring and Easter egg hunts in their very own special way.

To everyone reading this, including adults and kids, have a wonderful Easter. Enjoy life

Elmo Easter Basket

this coming spring with peace, joy and happines within your hearts. And keep in mind that with every colorful egg there will be a beautiful treasure within.  Make your Spring one memorable Spring with plush bunnies, sunshine, chocolates, chocolate Easter rabbits and of course, you can never miss out on those chewy yellow chick peeps.

Check out this funny video.


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